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Our Top 10 VR Experiences - Staff Picks!

The BroadVersity staff pulls together a list of ten stand-out experiences in Virtual Reality

Whether you’re putting your headset on for the first time, or you’ve been playing games in the metaverse for years, we cannot recommend these experiences enough!

You’ve gotta check ‘em all out and report back to us on what you think. Heck, if you want, make a reaction video and tag us! We can’t wait to see what you think.

This documentary. Well, for starters, it’s the one experience that showed up on everyone in our office’s list. When asking each person, “Hey, what would you recommend?” People JUMPED to mention this. It’s dramatic, immersive, gut-wrenchingly powerful, and honestly …beautiful. Scary, to be sure, but gorgeous and expertly produced.

Without giving too much away, the experience tracks the true story of January 13th, 2018 in Hawaii. In case you’ve forgotten (or maybe you didn’t hear at the time?) a text went out to the whole state telling them a ballistic missile was incoming…shortly…within minutes. Let that sink in, then go grab your headset and experience this one for yourself!

Check out our reaction video here!

You can live this wildly historic moment for yourself, free!

When Pamela (co-founder of BroadVersity) hit our next company meeting after watching Gumball Dreams she couldn’t stop raving! “I wish you all could see it!” kept coming effusively from her, delight emanating from her (even though she was an avatar—yeah, we have our meetings in the metaverse, duuuh!).

When asked for a little write-up to give you all, she had this to say, “Gumball Dreams: A mind-blowing rainbow trip woven into a passionate quest story. Plan to both be challenged by games and experience intimate moments that are best experienced in VR.”

What’s not to love?!

While Gumball Dreams is not available for viewing at this time, it’s worth keeping on your list for when performances begin again.

This piece was “entirely painted by hand inside of VR” which in and of itself makes it worth viewing. If VR and the future of what can be done in this space even remotely interests you, you’ve got to see how stunning their artwork looks.

One of Dear Angelica’s top reviews of the piece said it perfectly: “VR storytelling often doesn't do anything that couldn't be just as easily done in plain old 2D, but this surrounds and engulfs you with beautiful visuals, drawing you in as you follow (literally and figuratively) the story in a way that no other medium can. More, please!”

Storytelling in VR should be exactly this. Not simply throwing a piece into another world for the sake of a new platform, but enhancing what you could do in our world with these new technologies so that the audience feels moved in a new and exciting way.

This piece exists in 360, completely immersing you in the brilliant scribbles of the artist. You never know where to look until the voices call you in a specific direction. A thrilling look at what’s possible with this groundbreaking medium. The only downside of this piece being that it can be SO 360 at times that you can never see it all—at least not in one sitting.

But it’s free! So, give it a watch, or two, or more.

You didn’t think we’d get through this whole list with no games, did you!?

Similar (and yet so different) to On the Morning You Wake everyone recommended this little baby as well. Beat Saber, a classic at this point. Or as classic as something as new as VR games can be.

You probably saw it on a TV commercial over the holidays, kids and families swiping their arms through the air like they were controlling lightsabers. It does feel a bit like being in Star Wars with your weapon of choice, but it’s also heavily music based.

We recommend this one, not only because of the fun it provides, but also for the skill it gives theatre people. If you’re looking to increase your movement ability in VR, practice in Beat Saber!

(If you want to have a little extra fun with this one, put your parents in a headset and let them play this one, it’s a hoot!)

This one will run you a cool 30 bucks, but it provides endless hours of entertainment, and for anyone working in theatre—it’s a dance practice must-have!

Truly an experience, in every sense of the word. In the current state of the world, everyone should pop on their headset and give this one the time and attention it deserves. Traveling While Black primarily takes place in one location, Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington D.C. But even though you aren’t doing much physical traveling, the story takes you through time to talk to one of the owners (who has frankly seen more than any of us would want to experience), as well as others in the same community.

Without giving away too much, the words spoken by Tamir Rice’s mother are enough to bring any person to their knees, parent or not, and we should all admire her strength and fortitude in the face of grief.

You already heard from one of our co-founders, Pamela, about one her top experiences—now it’s Tim, our other co-founder’s turn! He chose The Room, an escape room-esque puzzle game.

Tim put it simply by saying, “It is my favorite escape room puzzle game with a compelling story. First class graphics and sound. The best usage of guide and exploration.”

When Tim, a self-proclaimed tech-lover-for-tech’s sake, uses the term “best” we listen!

If you’re into this type of play, it’s on sale! Snatch it up while it’s marked down to $23.99. 7. GHOSTBUSTERS IN VR

A blast from the past in technology of the future—Ghostbusters is coming to VR! You can watch the trailer that was just released here. They haven’t given a definitive launch date yet, but the long and short of it is a chance to explore the world of one of the most popular films of the 1980s!

You’re transported to the San Francisco of the film with the ability to play the game alone, or with friends. It’s immersive, and though we haven’t had the chance to play yet (soon, we hope!) the graphics look great.

While not yet released to the public, we had to throw in at least one show that we’ve got a hand in. This piece gets deep real fast. The Calling takes you on a walk with Dr Martin Luther King Jr on Beale Street, Memphis—1968. MLK’s final march, and you’re there. The music of The Calling seeks to replicate the sounds you would’ve heard, were you there that day: the clubs, the street performers, even people.

Billed as an “escape room, role-playing game, and immersive performance all in one” Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets by Adventure Lab is an hour-long, group challenge game hosted by a live performer. The characters/avatars, environments are stunning, and the interactions are some of the best I’ve seen. The puzzles are clever and sixty minutes flies by working with your teammates to escape each space. Although players can participate from anywhere in the world, the seamless communication and live host really add to the immersive reality and set this experience apart from others I’ve tried. In all, a slick, fun group “outing” without having to leave your home.


Talk about realism! Nomads takes you on a journey through nomadic cultures of the world, but the graphics will blow your mind. Unlike Dear Angelica, Nomads feels both at once animated and realistic. You’re not seeing the real faces of a woman like Tamir Rice’s mother, but it’s not cartoony, either.

As these cultures move from location to location, so do you, all along the way experiencing their rich traditions and deeply held cultural values through this piece of art. It gives the feeling of 360 cinematography than world building. The people are real. You follow them in 360 – float along on a boat with them, sit with them at dinner, etc. Really pulls you in to another world - but a real one!

That’s all from us for now but expect to hear more from us as new experiences/games arise! If you have a different favorite, we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a comment below or connect with us on Instagram/Tik Tok @BroadVersity.

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